Classic Thursday—An Introduction

Welcome to Classic Thursday, the newest segment on my blog!

What is Classic Thursday? Well, it’s like Throwback Thursday, but only with books. Every Thursday—for as long as I can manage—I will be reviewing a book or story that’s considered a classic by literary standards. Now, I’m sure you might wonder why I’d review books that most people have already read, and that’s because not everyone’s read these books. I mean, I’m a ferocious reader, and I haven’t really delved into the classics either. Here and there, maybe, but if I’m honest with myself, I feel I’m not as well-versed in this particular area. So, Classic Thursday is my way of forcing myself to explore the oldies and goodies, whilst giving others the opportunity to see if they might find those books exciting, too.

If you’ve read some of my reviews in the past, you’ll know I’m a no-nonsense type of critic. I give credit where credit is due, but I also don’t sugar-coat my views on something. If I like it, I’m going to praise it. If it sucks… well, I’ve been known to rant then.

I work on a 10 star basis—10 stars being perfect, and 1 star being horrendous. If I give anything 5 stars, it’s usually because I’m in two about the book. If I give it 0 stars (or go into the minuses, which has been known to happen on occasion), you better know it’s horrific.

Sometimes I may review multiple works by a single author over a few weeks. This is because I like organisation, and my classic bookshelf is alphabetised. Apologies if this doesn’t work for you, but I’m a bit OCD in that regard. However, I won’t discriminate against a book or author or genre that is considered a classic. In other words, my hatred for all things Charles Dickens flies out of the window. I will be honest, and tackle each book without prejudice. What happens after I’ve finally gotten through the book, though, is a whole other story.

And that’s about it for the disclaimers and info you might need about this new segment, I think. So, brace yourself. From next week on, I’m going to be posting these reviews of classic literature for your enjoyment. I hope you’re ready, because I sure can’t wait! ^_^

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